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USABCD - Kilimanjaro - English version

Prehospital anesthesiological ultrasound.
Application of diagnostic and interventional ultrasound in an austere environment 19th-29th of June 2010
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Kilimanjaro, East Africa. Altitude interval 4500 meters (from 1500 meters at the base of Kilimanjaro to 5895 meters at Uhuru Peak). Temperature span 50 °C from ÷20 °C (night at peak) to +30 °C (daytime at base).
Target group

Expert anesthesiologists engaged in application of (prehospital) anesthesiological ultrasound.

Repetition of prehospital skills in anesthesiological ultrasound (USabcd) and performance in a variety of environments with maximum span of temperature and exposure conditions within a short time interval.

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Day 1

Saturday 19th June 2010 departure from Copenhagen 07:00 am via Amsterdam and arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, Arusha 07:00 pm. Transfer to Springland Hotel, Moshi.
Days 2-3

Repetition of ultrasound of ABCDE (airway, breathing, circulation, disability and exposure) and hospital visit (University Hospital of Kilimanjaro).
Environment: savannah with dry tropical climate and temperatures from + 20°C to + 30°C. Prevention of dehydration and hyperthermia. Overnight Springland Hotel
Days 4

Start of Kilimanjaro climb from 1800 meters at National Park Gate to 3200 meters at Machame camp. Tented Camp.
Environment: rain forest with moist subtropical climate and muddy environment and temperatures from + 30°C to + 10°C. Measures of maintaining dry and warm patients and equipment in a moist and muddy environment.
Day 5

Ascend from 3200 meters to 3700 meters at Shira-Plateau. Tented Camp.
Environment: above tree-line with temperate climate and strong wind exposure and temperatures from 0°C to + 20°C. Management of wind chill factor. Exposure for ultrasound examination while conserving body heat.
Day 6

Ascend from 3700 meters to 4100 meters at the Baranco Wall. Tented Camp.
Environment: shady and cold with near-polar climate and temperatures from ÷10 °C to +20°C. Conservation of body heat. Performance of anesthesiologist under the stress of emerging altitude effect (fatigue, headache, nausea).
Day 7

Ascend from 4100 meters to 4800 meters at Barufu advanced base camp. (Tent)
Enviroment: cold, polar climate with temperatures from ÷10 °C to +20°C. Extreme temperature variation, mountain sunlamp, and strong wind exposure.
Day 8

Summit ascend and start of descend. Departure at midnight from advanced base camp at 4800 meters to summit (Uhuru Peak) at 5895 meters and initial descend to Mwecka camp at 2900 meters. Altitude variation of 4800 meters within 24 hours at high altitude.
Environment: dark, very cold, polar climate with snow and ice and temperatures from ÷ 30°C to ÷ 5°C.
Night performance in an austere, cold winter environment. Performance of anesthesiologist under the impact of severe stress from altitude effect (fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, motor coordination. Conservation of body heat of patient during examination.
Day 9

Descend from 2900 meters to Park Gate at 1800 meters. Overnight Hotel Springland.
Day 10

Evaluation — Departure to Copenhagen.
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